The Artist Statement

(my words about my works)                                                                                                            spanish

I will start with a thing. I want to tell you a thing. I want to tell you many things. Things that are everything and nothing at the same time. The thing is I make things. It’s a thing I do. It’s my thing. It’s my some thing. My any thing. My every thing. It’s a gesture. A comment. A situation. An attempt. It’s unreal but it’s true. It’s a puzzle. A maze. It’s the maze of a mind. It’s intangible. It’s indefinable. It’s invisible. It’s impossible. It’s an imagination. A creation. A spectacle. A fantasy. A fiction. But it’s real. It’s an expectation. It’s an expression. It’s an expression of an expectation. It’s an expression of everything and nothing. An expression of the inside and the outside and the other side and all the sides at the same time. It’s an expression of the in-between of all the sides. It’s an expression of everything there has ever been and ever will be. It’s an expression of what will never be. It’s an expression of the absent and the present. It’s everything and nothing. It’s something. It’s a matter. It’s a matter of fact. And it matters. It’s special. It’s unique. It’s an expression for you. For you and you alone. It’s a thing only I can express and only you can understand. It’s a thing made for you and me. It’s a special thing made especially for you and me. It’s a thing. Just a thing. And I do it. I just do it. I do the thing. I do it for pleasure. I do it for pain. I do it because I want to. I do it because I have to. Because it matters. I do it to share. I do it to release. I do it to empty. To ejaculate. To discharge the excess things. The things that don’t fit. The things that itch. I do the thing. I do it. I do it to fit in. I do it to fit out. I do it to not fit. I do it to be out of place. I do it to impress. To impress you. To impress them. To impress the magicians and the masters. I do it to impress the masses. I do it to be remembered. I do it to be recognized. Sometimes I do it for money. Sometimes I do it just because I need to. Sometime I just do it for myself. Because I like to be the thing. The gesture, the fantasy, the spectacle, the center. The center of attention. I like to be watched. I like to be wanted. I like to be in control. I like to control. I like to be controlled. I like it because it matters. I do the thing. I do the thing to get further. To get past the border. Past my borders. Past your borders. Past the frame. Past the paraergon. And past the ergon. I do it to get outside. To get deeper. Or higher. To get to the top. Or the bottom. Or the end. Or the beginning. I do it to get to the source. The secret. To get to the inside that is also the outside. To get to everything and nothing at the same time. Examining, experimenting, and exhausting things expecting to eventually reach the other thing. To get it. To get to it. To get to what matters. To get what matters. To get the matter. Performing my way through life I project myself back and forth. And up and down. Through time and space. Stuffing my body with things. Consumed and consuming. Penetrated and penetrating. Masturbating. Digesting. Emptying and filling my body with things my body finally becomes the thing. My body is the thing. I use my body to do the thing. To get to the thing. To become the thing. To be the thing. Your body is also the thing. All bodies are the things. I love these things. I love bodies. The body. The bodies. I’m into the body. I am into my body. I’m into your body. I am into any body and every body. I’m into you. I am into me. I’m into muscle. I’m into meat. I’m into the bones. I’m into the inside of the bones. I’m into tissue. I’m into connective tissue. I’m into connections. I’m into fascia. I’m into joints. I’m into it. I’m totally into it. I’m totally into the body. The body full of organs. The body without organs. I’m into the organs. I’m into liver. I’m into lungs. I’m into heart. I’m into skin. I am also into ass. I also am into hips. I am also into tits. I’m also into lips. I’m into chest. I am into the spine. I’m into atlas and axis. I’m into the cervical, the thoracic and the lumbar. I’m into the coccyx. I’m into hands and feet, and arms and legs. I’m into the body. I’m so into the body. I am completely into the body. I’m into the superior, the inferior, the anterior and the posterior. I’m into the lateral and the medial. I’m into the distal and the proximal. I’m into the superficial. I’m into the deep. I’m into the very deep. I’m deep into the body, I’m out of the body, I’m inside of the body, I’m outside of the body. I’m into the insides of the body. I’m into the outsides of the body. I am all over the body. I am a body. I am a singular body. I am multiple bodies. I am any body. I am no body. I am nothing. I am everything. I am the thing. I am the thing that matters. I am the matter. The material. I am the object and I am the subject. I am the concept, the notion and the idea. I am the theory. I am the belief. I am the disbelief. I am the philosophy. I am the rule. I am the exception to the rule. I am an exception. I am exceptional. I am spectacular. I am the spectacle. I am the speculation. The puzzle, the maze. I am the question. I am the analysis. I am the argument. I am the perception and the misconception. I am that thing and all the other things. I am it. I am the matter, the material. And I use it. I use the matter. I use the material. I use and misuse the material. I abuse my material. I take advantage. I destroy and distort and discomfort. I do things to things to make things. And I will do the thing. I will do it. I will do the expression. I will not hope, intend, aim, propose or plan to. I will. I will become the thing. I will transform and transcend. I will go through catharsis, not once, not twice but numerous times. I will improvise and theorize and criticize. I will resist. I will persist. I will push. I will pull. I will be public, and private, and political, and professional. I will be poetic. And personal, very very personal. However I will not be me for I will become the thing. But I will not not be me. For I have always already been me. I will be sterile and I will be sticky. I will be a thing. I will be all the things you want me to be. I will be all the things I want me to be. I will be in my body and I will be outside my body. I will turn my body inside out. I will express, I will expose. I will expose my heart, my soul, my lungs, my liver, my gut, my flesh, my meat, my bones. I will shake. I will shake myself out of place, out of space, out of time. I will shake my bones. I will shake my blood. I will shake my insides out. I will shake and squeeze every little thing out of my body. I will become empty. I will be empty and full at the same time. I will be inside and outside at the same time. I will be in the body and out of the body. I will be in the in-between. I will be nothing and everything at the same time. I will be something. I will be innocent, and imminent, and indecent. I will risk. I will fear. I will fuck. I will be secretive. I will be seductive. I will be sensual. I will be sexual. I will say too much. I will show too much. I will be too much. But it will not be enough. I will be honest. I will tell it like it is. I will be emancipated and I will emancipate you. We will all become things. We will all become all things. And we will imagine. We will imagine together. We will fantasize and phantasize. We will become fantastic. It will be fantastic. It will be phantasmatic. It will be spectacular. It will be a spectacle. We will be the spectacle. It will be a thing. It will be something. It will be great. It will be greatness. We will be great. We will be creative. We will be together. We will be together inside the body. In my body. In your body. In each other’s bodies. In the body. The one and only body. The body of stuff. The body of matter. The body of matter that matters. We will be that thing. The impossible thing. The untouchable thing. The unattainable thing. The invisible thing. That thing that matters.

Steinunn Ketilsdóttir

(this text was conceived in NYC Spring 2016
but continuous to be in constant process
just like the very project,
 just like my personal and professional self
and also, just like life)