The Butterface

“…a hybrid of modern dance, theatre and soap opera, which deals with love, sex and self-perception.”

Premiered at Dansescenen, Copenhagen 2009

Choreography and performance:  Brian Gerke and Steinunn Ketilsdóttir

A beautiful, romantic, sweet fairytale slowly succumbs to the nightmarish insanity of two people who become lost in the terrifying wilderness of their own psyches; encountering dangerous altered versions of themselves whom ultimately express their darkest inner thoughts.


…”While the first half of the program strikes with sombre tension and minimalism, the second half surprises with adifferent, rather unconventional approach. American choreographer Brian Gerke and his Icelandic dancing partner Steinunn Ketilsdottir present ‘The Butterface’, a hybrid of modern dance, theatre and soap opera, which deals with love, sex and self-perception. They dance, run and mock-fornicate on a stage equipped with campy props, such as a giant garden gnome. Occasionally, the dancing is interrupted by casual, satirical dialogue about sexual encounters and body images, which is quite hilarious at times, but distracts from the otherwise beautiful and intense performance.”… (The Copenhagen Post)

“Tchaikovskys polonæse, en svingende lysekrone og en herre med kalvekrøs, der danser en fejende vals, mens en kvinde smadrer en buket hvide roser ned i gulvet. Anslaget er flot og bizart. Steinunn Ketilsdottir og Brian Gerke er et fornøjet par fra Island, der nu danser ud i deres sidste duet i en trilogi om forhold, kærlighed og sex. Det er muntert, overraskende, egoistisk, småpludrende og Torneroseagtigt. Just be pretty – be my self.”  (