Steinunn and Brian DO art; How to Original

“At moments tender, at others violent, their work is irresistible in its fearlessness.” (Melissa Mylchreest, Missoula Independent)

  • Premiered in Tjarnarbíó Theater Iceland in 2011

Here you can view the full work on Vimeo

Choreography and performance:  Brian Gerke and Steinunn Ketilsdóttir

Steinunn and Brian examine “art” using original texts, dance, and music. Lying, stealing, birthing, rehearsing, reversing, time traveling, and mutating, Steinunn and Brian attempt to categorize themselves in the world of art.  In the process, their exploration takes a violent turn off track exposing their relationship; a pathetic exhibition of two desperate, angry people struggling to create something, anything at all.


Above all, this is smart dance that is not only aesthetically fascinating but conceptually intriguing as well. The pair makes successful and perceptive social commentary not just through the vehicle of dance, but about dance too. At times sarcastic, humorous, and poignant, the two of them integrate conversation, sound and the theatrical well. (Melissa Mylchreest, Missoula Independent)

A humorous as well as intelligent venture, that deals with the central issues of Contemporary Dance: How can I be original and authentic? (Thomas Linden, Kölnische Rundschau)

“…the two Icelanders succeed in creating a production that comes across freshly and honestly.” (Thomas Linden, Kölnische Rundschau)

“Steinunn and Brian took great risks in this performance because the concept they chose to work with touches upon delicate issues, but they were truly successful in creating an unforgettable dance piece.”  (Margrét Áskelsdóttir, Morgunblaðið)