Love always, Debbie and Susan

Premiered at Dansolutions, Dansescenen at Keðja Copenhagen in 2008.

  • First prize at Dansolutions Choreography Competition at Dansescenen, Copenhagen 2008
  • Aerowaves selection in 2008
  • Nominated for the Icelandic Theater Awards in 2010

Choreography and performance:  Brian Gerke and Steinunn Ketilsdóttir

My friend Carol’s husband’s brother’s mother Charlotte. Now her daughter’s best friend Amy Sennett, she was sadly single until she was thirty two years old! Then one day, as all hope was lost, she randomly moved into an apartment with some man named Steve. Two weeks later they we sleeping together, three months later they were engaged, and now (two years later) she is happily married with a beautiful baby living in LA, Los Angeles, California!


“…– they improvised and let themselves be drawn by the power of the moment and the other´s reaction. They didn´t lack playfulness and joy from performing. Speaking of technique they were both very good, so in their piece everything could come together to create an amusing and interesting performance. Thanks to Debbie and Susan the audience could leave the theatre with smiles on their faces.” (Tanceni Aktuality)

“Icelanders energetically and unsparingly display hurtfulness and humiliation of sexual accessibility,…” (Zagreb,Croatia translated by Marno Milotic)