Steinunn and Brian

“STEINUNN AND BRIAN” is known for their untraditional compositional style, sarcasm, humor and drama and for playing with dance and text in a way that induces wild laughter and honest tears.  The duo has been choreographing together since 2007, when they began their trilogy of duets about love, sex and relationships with Crazy in love with MR. PERFECT.  It was followed a year later by Love always, Debbie and Susan and a year after that with The Butterface. Love always, Debbie and Susan won first place at the Keðja Dancesolutions Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. Steinunn and Brian have been nominated twice for the Griman Award in Iceland and been selected two times a Priority Company at the Aerowaves Network of Dance Festivals across Europe, where their pieces Crazy in love with MR. PERFECT and Love always, Debbie and Susan were chosen for the Top 10 Best Works out of 400 applicants.  They have given 75 performances of their work in twelve countries in Europe, touring to the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Italy, Lithuania, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Russia and Iceland, as well as twice to New York City. Their work Heilabrot, commissioned by the Icelandic Dance Company, has been performed in Iceland and Germany. They premiered their most recent work, Steinunn and Brian DO Art; how to be Original, in Reykavik in 2011. Since it has toured to Estonia and Sweden, Montana, Cologne, Germany and most recently to Canada.  Their piece MEAT, commissioned by the University of Montana Dance Division, was chosen to represent the Northwest Region of the country in Washington D.C. at the Kennedy Center in May 2012.  Both Steinunn and Brian live in Iceland and continue to choreograph on their own.

CV Steinunn and Brian

List of works

Crazy in love with MR. PERFECT (2007)

Love always, Debbie and Susan (2008)

The Butterface (2009)

Heilabrot (2009)

Steinunn and Brian DO art; How to be Original (2011)

MEAT (2012)

Other projects

The bodies (2011) – work in progress

Here you can visit Steinunn and Brian’s Youtube channel.