OVERSTATEMENT/OVERSTEINUNN: Expressions of Expectations

Photo: Julia Bauer

OVERSTATEMENT/OVERSTEINUNN: Expressions of Expectations is an ongoing solo project.

Through a series of articulated and embodied statements I express the expectations of a performance and the performer, concurrently questioning those very expectations. These statements take various shapes and forms and are stated in diverse ways.

The project is a continuation of my MA Final Project in Performance Studies at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and emerged from my struggle to explain and articulate my work in an institutional setting. Faced with the challenge I decided to over-articulate, over-explain and over-express myself in an attempt to convey my multiplicity. I would OVERSTATE myself.

Since the initiation of the project I have been making public statements. Each public statement consists of one or more singular statements, both articulated and embodied, that together in their multiplicity make that very public statement. They are never the same. They are ever changing and develop as time passes and the space around us shifts and advances.

I have many expectations of what this project will be. What it will not be. What it might be and what it might not be. What it should be. And what it should not be. I will make statements until it is enough.

The Artist Statement
(my words about my work)

Check it out here.


External Statements are Statements by another artist after one of my public statements.
Check out statements by:
performance artists and scholar Sierra Ortega
visual artist Ragnheiður Þorgrímsdóttir
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Statement #1 – May 5th 2016, Department of Performance Studies, Tisch, NYU,
Statement #2 – May 12th 2016, Dept. of Performance Studies, Tisch, NYU
Statement #3 – June 20th 2016, Dixon Place, NYC
Statement #4 – August 26th 2016, Everybody’s Spectacular Pitch Session, Reykjavík Dance Festival and Lókal Theater Festival, Reykjavík, Iceland
Statement #5 – October 3rd 2016, Movement Research at the Judson Church, New York
Statement #6, #7 and #8 – REykjavík Dance Festival at the Reykjavík Dance Atelier. Reykjavík, Iceland.
Statement # 9 – March 31st 2017, FÍLD 70 ára. Reykjavík Dance Atelier, Reykjavík.
Statement # 10 – April 6th 2017, Buzzcut festival. Glasgow, UK.
Statement #11 and #12 – April 11th and 12th 2017. Festival Pliegues y despliegues 2017. Bogota, Colombia.
Statement #13 – April 2017. Festival Internacional de Danza Emergente Buenos Aires (FIDEBA). Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Statement #14 – May 2017. Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de Uruguay-FIDCU 2017. Montevideo, Uruguay.
Statement #15 – June 2017. Nofod conference, Dance and democracy. Gothenburg, Sweden.
Statement #16 – November 2017. Everybody’s Spectacular Performance Festival. Reykjavík, Iceland.

Photo: Ian Douglas