• Premiered at Reykjavík Dance Festival in 2009.
  • Awarded the Icelandic Thetaer Awards (Gríman) for Choreography, 2011
  • Awarded the Icelandic Thetaer Awards (Gríman) for Dancer of the Year, 2011.

Choreography and performance:  Steinunn Ketilsdóttir

Music:  Birkir Rafn Gíslason

Lights:  Garðar Borgþórsson

„Lipstick and push-up bras, diets and drinks, smoking cigarettes and getting a tan.“

In this solo performance combining text and movement the audience falls into the world of a young woman wrapped in an crisis. Upclose and personal she shares her personal life, darkest most honest thoughts, and secrets. Torn between two worlds she’s on a journey fighting fear, anxiety, perfectionism.


“Steinunn truly managed to draw you in with the dance-less opening mono- logue, before the dance itself started, proving to be just as adept as an actor as she was a dancer—and then her dance proved a perfect continuation of the monologue, deepening the seeming facile tale and showing the struggle behind the character’s life.” (Ásgeir H. Ingólfsson, The Reykjavík Grapevine)