Icelandic dance artist Steinunn Ketilsdóttir lives and works out of Reykjavík. She works multidisciplinary as a performer, choreographer, teacher, and organizer, both independently and collaboratively. Through the body she choreographically moves with – through – in and out – of dance, text, and thought in her works. Steinunn is devoted to creating spaces through her practice to explore how expectations affect the way we choose to move through our artistic and personal lives. A space where we can envision and practice the dance of tomorrow.

Steinunn is currently developing and presenting her ongoing solo project, OVERSTATEMENT/OVERSTEINUNN: Expressions of Expectations and working on the collaborative choreographic research project EXPRESSIONS: the power and politics of expectations in dance, alongside other collaborative projects. In 2017 she received a research fellow position at the Performing Arts Department of the Iceland Academy of the Arts through which these and other projects are being developed through teaching, mentoring and sharing.

Steinunn recently premiered Piece no. 1, a commission for Iceland dance company, the first piece in a series of pieces emerging out of EXPRESSIONS. In February Piece no. 1.5 will open and September 2019 sees the premiere of Piece no. 2 (dates TBC). In 2019 she will also present the first edition of The Practice Performed, another offspring of EXPRESSIONS, in collaboration with Reykjavík Dance Festival. Furthermore, she will collaborate in the coming year as a dramaturge with Norwegian choreographer Mia Habib in her new work How to Die- inopiné premiering in February 2020.

Steinunn holds a BA in Dance from Hunter College, NY since 2005. Preceding that she earned a BSc. in Business Administration from Reykjavík University in 2002. In 2016 she graduated with a Masters degree in Performance Studies from NYU Tisch School of Arts.

She has worked internationally throughout her career creating a number of works that have been shown across Europe and in the US. From 2007 she collaborated with choreographer Brian Gerke and currently she collaborates with choreographer Sveinbjörg Þórhallsdóttir and visual artist Jóní Jónsdóttir. Her work has also included a position as guest teacher and faculty member at the Performing Arts Department of the Iceland Academy of the Arts since 2007. Throughout her career she has been an active member of the independent dance scene in Iceland and involved in the development of Reykjavík Dance Festival and the founding of Reykjavík Dance Atelier. Steinunn Ketilsdóttir utilizes her position in Iceland to connect the local dance community and create platforms and contexts for sharing practice.

Steinunn has been nominated for the Icelandic Theater Awards for her works and collaborations on numerous occasions and in 2010 she was awarded for both performance and choreography for her solo Superhero. Upon graduation at the Tisch School of the Arts she was awarded the coveted Performance Studies Award.

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Steinunn Ketilsdóttir

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