OVERSTATEMENT/OVERSTEINUNN: Expressions of Expectations

steinunn-svörtDixon Place June 20th @ 7:30

OVERSTATEMENT/OVERSTEINUNN: Expressions of Expectations is an ongoing project and a continuation of my MA Final Project at Performance Studies at NYU.

Through a series of articulated and embodied statements I express myself and my expectations of a performance and the performer, concurrently questioning those very expectations.

The first statement was made on May 5th, 2016 at the Department of Performance Studies at NYU.  My second statement will be on June 20th, 2016 at Dixon Place. More information here.



My Nordic blondes project continues with a research residency in Dansens Hus in Stockholm this December!  The city feels like Christmas already….. GOOD TIMES 😉


Just came back from an absolutely amazingly inspiring, productive and exciting residency in Bucharest, Romania!  We had our very first phase in the creative process of my new project Nordic blondes at the beautiful Zona D Studio organised by the Gabiela Tudor foundation through the programm E-Motional: rethinking dance.  We meet wonderful people, tried tasty Romanian food, saw dance performances, explored the city and enjoyed!  Last but not least we had 2 work in progress showings at the studio with feedback and interesting discussions about the concept and idea!  Wow Bucharest, I want to come back!



Photo: María Kjartansdóttir

Performed my solo this is it in progress at Platform at Dansstationen in Malmö last Friday, June 13th.

I will work in Copenhagen for the next week, stopping by at Dansehallerne for a few days, before I head to Bassano to continue working!!!

“this is it” in progress at Vinnslan

I performed a part of my new solo “this is it” which is still in process last weekend at Vinnslan in Tjarnarbíó, Iceland.


Here is my new website – vuhu finally!

I am still working on it so there is still some information missing.